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Guardiant FAQs

Your Questions, Answered

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Navigating the intricacies of safety and wellbeing can raise many questions

At Guardiant, we want to ensure you have all the answers at your fingertips. Our FAQ page is a resource for you to gain clarity, understanding, and insight into how our products and services operate to protect you. 

From inquiries about features to guidance on usage, we've compiled the most common questions to help streamline your experience with Guardiant. If there's something on your mind, chances are, you'll find your answer here.

  • What is Guardiant?
    Guardiant is a comprehensive safety and wellbeing platform designed to empower individuals and organizations with a suite of tools for emergency responses, location sharing, and wellness support. With Guardiant, users have access to features like the Safety Alert Button, Urgent Response System, and Safety Check-Ins, ensuring peace of mind in any situation.
  • How does the Safety Alert Button function?
    The Safety Alert Button, when pressed, initiates an immediate response from Guardiant, notifying your emergency contacts and our monitoring team with your precise location, enabling quick action and support during emergencies.
  • What measures does Guardiant take to protect my privacy?
    Guardiant prioritizes your privacy with advanced encryption for your data, ensuring your location and personal information are shared only during emergencies or when you permit it, in compliance with stringent data protection standards.
  • Who can be designated as an emergency contact in Guardiant?
    You can designate anyone you deem reliable—family, friends, or colleagues—as your emergency contact within Guardiant, ensuring that they are promptly alerted in case you need urgent assistance.
  • What is the purpose of Safety Check-Ins in Guardiant?
    Safety Check-Ins allow you to set predetermined times for Guardiant to verify your safety. If you fail to respond, the system automatically informs your emergency contacts, assuring them of your status.
  • How does Guardiant communicate with emergency services?
    During a crisis, Guardiant can swiftly notify local emergency services with your live location, enabling immediate dispatch and assistance, subject to your consent to optimise your safety.
  • What kind of user support does Guardiant offer?
    Guardiant provides 24/7 user support to address any inquiries or issues. Our team is accessible anytime through the app or our official website to ensure you have the help you need.
  • Is Guardiant available internationally?
    Guardiant is designed with global applicability in mind, with ongoing efforts to tailor our services for international users. Updates on availability will be provided as we expand.
  • Can I access my Guardiant account on multiple devices?
    Yes, your Guardiant account can be synced across several devices. To ensure precise location tracking and effective emergency alerts, we recommend using the device you carry with you regularly.
  • What if my phone's battery dies or I lose network connectivity?
    Guardiant relies on your device's network connection and battery. If you encounter a dead battery or network issues, Guardiant's capabilities to send alerts or track location will be limited. We advise keeping your device charged and having a contingency plan for areas with unstable network reception.
  • How do I modify my emergency contact list on Guardiant?
    You can effortlessly adjust your emergency contacts within the Guardiant app. Simply navigate to 'Emergency Contacts', select the individual to be removed, and confirm their removal.
  • Does Guardiant feature a discreet alert option?
    Indeed, Guardiant's Safety Alert Button can be utilized as a silent alarm, sending a covert signal for help to your contacts and our monitoring team without drawing attention.
  • How can I give feedback or propose new features for Guardiant?
    Your feedback and suggestions are invaluable to us. Share your thoughts and ideas via the 'Feedback' option in the Guardiant app or reach out to our support team directly. Your insights are integral to our mission of continuous improvement.
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