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About Guardiant

Your Assurance of Safety

Our Roots

Guardiant started with a simple but powerful idea: everyone has the right to feel safe, everywhere. Our Australian founders come from law enforcement backgrounds, giving us a practical edge in personal and employee safety. We're founded on the values of service and integrity, understanding the real safety challenges that people and businesses face today.

Our Promise

We're committed to delivering not just a product, but a promise of continuous improvement and innovation. We listen to our users, learn from their experiences, and regularly update our service to better protect them. From subtle alarms to accurate location services, every feature is designed with your security in mind.

Our Mission

Guardiant’s mission is to empower. We aim to provide a resource that helps people and businesses move through their world confidently, supported by a team that’s dedicated to safety and community. With Guardiant, you're part of a network that values your security.

Our Circle

Guardiant is more than a company—we're a community. We believe in looking out for one another, being a dependable presence, ready to help at a moment's notice. We're always here, providing support whenever you need it.


Our Team

Our team is a mix of technology focussed Security Professionals, Wellbeing Experts and Parents...

This combination means Guardiant isn't just an app or a service—it's a reliable safety solution shaped by real-life insights and expertise. Our background in policing guides us to create a safety network that’s effective, trustworthy and responsive.

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